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P.J. Yttrup & Associates Pty. Ltd. was established in 1981 and practises in the fields of structural, civil and geotechnical engineering.

In the field of timber engineering, P.J. Yttrup and Associates enjoys a leading role in Australia and has been involved in numerous projects in sensitive areas such as National Parks.

The diversity of our projects in structural engineering, from small to large as well as local, interstate and international makes for a highly flexible practice. Flexibility and innovation characterise this practice.

Geotechnical engineering, particularly in the field of expansive soil foundation, is a speciality of P.J. Yttrup and Associates and is particularly relevant in Australia, which has large areas of such soil. Our geotechnical engineering service maintains its own drilling rigs and soil laboratory. The Company Director Peter Yttrup has participated in the Standards Australia committee B/D25, responsible for the AS2870 Residential Slabs and Footings code and also the AS3727 Guide to Residential Pavements, activities that indicate the standing of the practice in this field.

We can provide design, documentation and construction supervision services in:

  • Buildings
  • Earth retaining structures
  • Bridges
  • Wharf structures
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Cable stuctures
  • Liquid retaining structures

Design in wide range of materials including:
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Mudbrick
  • Rammed earth
  • Poured earth
  • Strawbale wall construction
  • Fibreglass
  • Composite constuction

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